ittpInstitute of Teachers Training Programme

B. Ed MDU, Rohtak, Admission 2017-19
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B. Ed. Programme
(Recognised by UGC & NCTE & Fully Valid for Govt. Jobs All Over India)

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MD University :: Rohatak
  Direct B. Ed. Admission Through Counselling & Management
  Graduation or Post Graduation
State   Any state of India
Eligibilty Graduation   Graduation / P.G with 50% Marks
Duration   2 Year
Exam schedule   June - July
Documents Required for Admission   10th Marksheet
12th Marksheet
Ist, IInd, and Final Year Graduation Marksheet
SC, ST, OBC category certificate (Original)
Migration Certificate
Character Certificate
Passport Size Photograph - 5
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Syllabus   Download MDU B Ed Syllabus
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Note 1:- Recognised by UGC & Approved By NCTE & Fully Valid for Govt. Jobs All Over India




  Name of college                                                                    city / district
  1. RLS College of Education, Sidhrawali (Gurgaon)                                GURGAON
  2. C.R. College of Education, Rohtak                                                       ROHTAK
  3. Vaish College of Education, Rohtak                                                      ROHTAK 100
  4. G.B. College of Education, Rohtak                                                       ROHTAK 100
  5. State Institute for Rehabilitation Training and Research,(SIRTAR), Gandhi Nagar,               ROHTAK (B.Ed Spl
  6. Tika Ram College of Education, Sonepat                                             SONEPAT 114
  7. Hindu College of Education, Sonepat                                                   SONEPAT 170
  8. Shiv College of Education, Tigaon (Faridabad)                                     FARIDABAD
  9. M.R. College of Education, Sector-43, Aravli Hills,
    Delhi Faridabad Road, Faridabad                                                          FARIDABAD
  10. B.S.Anangpuria Institute of Education, Vill
    Alampur, Ballabgarh-Sohna Road, Faridabad                                       FARIDABAD
  11. Rise Max College of Education, Vill. Jharsaintly,
    Delhi Mathura Road, Distt. Faridabad                                                    FARIDABAD
  12. M.K.M. College of Education for Women, Hodel
    (Faridabad)  (For Girls)                                                                          FARIDABAD
  13. P.D.M. College of Education, Sarai Aurangabad
    (B.garh)                                                                                                   FARIDABAD
  14. Rattan Singh Girls College of Education,
    Harphala-Seekri (Faridabad) Girls                                                          FARIDABAD
  15. Gold Field College of Education, Village-
    Chhainsa, Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad                                                    FARIDABAD
  16. Aravali College of advanced Studies in
    Education,Ballabgarh-Sohna Road, Vill. Pali,
    Distt. Faridabad.                                                                                        FARIDABAD
  17. Smt. Bhagwani Memorial Institute of Higher
    Education, Sohna-Samepur Road, Sector-56,
    Rajiv Colony, Tehsil-Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad.                                    FARIDABAD
  18. Bhartiyam College of Education, Vill. Panehra
    Khurd, Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad                                                           FARIDABAD
  19. Satyug Darshan Institute of Education and
    Research(for Girls), Vill & P.O. Bhopani, Lalpur
    Road, Distt. Faridabad      Girls)                                                                FARIDABAD
  20. Balaji College of Education, Adarsh Nagar,
    Ballabhgarh Distt. Faridabad                                                                    FARIDABAD
  21. Advanced Institute of Education, 70 KM Delhi-
    Mathura Road, Palwal, Distt. Faridabad                                                   FARIDABAD
  22. K.R. College of Education, VPO-Fatehpur Billoch,
    Tehsil-Ballabgarh, Distt-Faridabad                                                            FARIDABAD
  23. Jagriti Institute of Higher Education, Vill. & P.O.
    Mohna,Tehsil-Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad                                               FARIDABAD
  24. Aggarwal College of Education, Adarsh Colony,
    Garhi Road, Hodel, Distt. Faridabad                                                          FARIDABAD
  25. Sai Mohan College of Education, Tigaon Road,
    Neemka, Distt. Faridabad                                                                          FARIDABAD
  26. Jeevan Jyoti College of Education, VPO- Chhajju
    Nagar, Tehsil- Palwal, Distt. Faridabad                                                         FARIDABAD
  27. Dehat Vikas Institute of Education and
    Technology, Bainsrawall Road, Vill- Tigaon                                               FARIDABAD
  28. SLD Girls College of Education, Vill. Chhaproula,
    PO- Dhatir, Tehsil- Palwal, Distt. Faridabad  FOR GIRLS                            FARIDABAD
  29.  Meenakshi College of Education, Ward NO. 9,
    Kotwal Colony, Mohana Road, Ballabgrah, Distt.
    Faridabad   FOR GIRLS                                                                                FARIDABAD
  30. Maa Omwati College of Education, VPOHassanpur,
    Tehsil-Hodal, Distt. Faridabad                                                                  FARIDABAD
  31. Institute of Teacher Education, Immamudin Pur,
    Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad                                                                      FARIDABAD
  32. Ramanujan College of Education, Vill- Mitrol,
    Tehsil- Hodal, Distt. Faridabad                                                                  FARIDABAD
  33. St. Luke College of Education, VPO- Chandpur,
    Tehsil- Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad                                                           FARIDABAD
  34. Modern International College of Education, Vill-
    Jasana, Post-Badarpur, Distt. Faridabad                                                    FARIDABAD
  35. M.V.N. College of Education, Babchick Road,
    Tehsil- Hodal, Distt. Faridabad (Haryana)                                                   FARIDABAD
  36. Pt. L.R. College of Education, Fatehpur Billoch,
    Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad (Haryana)                                                       FARIDABAD
  37. Vision Institute of Applied Studies, Plot No. 40,
    Sector-20B, HUDA, Faridabad (Haryana)                                                    FARIDABAD
  38. Rawal College of Education, Sohna Road,Near
    Villge-Zokopur, Tehsil-Ballabgarh,                                                             FARIDABAD
  39. Aggarwal College of Education, Milk Plant Road,
    Ballabhgarh, Distt. Faridabad                                                                    FARIDABAD
  40. Ch. Partap Singh Memorial College of
    Education,Sector-34, Near Marble Market,                                                                                              GURGAON
  41. Starex Institute of Education, VPO Binola,
    Bilaspur Chowk, Gurgaon                                                                                  GURGAON
  42. Deen Dayal Rustogi College of Education,Via
    Haily Mandi, Khadevla Farukh Nagar                                                            GURGAON
  43. Sardar Patel College of Education, Farukhnagar                                         GURGAON  
  44. KIIT College of Education, Bhondsi Distt. Gurgaon                                     GURGAON
  45. Lord Krishna College of Education, Jamalpur,                                              GURGAON
  46. Laxmi College of Education, Kasan (Gurgaon)                                            GURGAON
  47. B.M. College of Education, Vil. Hari Nagar
    (Dumha) Tehsil Farukhnagar, Distt. Gurgaon                                        GURGAON 200
  48. Rao Mohar Singh College of Education,
    Behrampur, Post-Fazilpur, Distt. Gurgaon                                               GURGAON
  49. Dayawanti Memorial College of Education, Near
    Country Club, Panchgaon, Tauru Road, Vill. Pada, Sub-Tehsil,       Mewat 200
  50. Pataudi College of Education, Opp. New Bus
    Stand, Pataudi (Gurgaon)                                                                 GURGAON 200
  51. Rao Neki Ram Memorial College of
    Education,Pataudi, P.O. Turkapur Bas Padamka,                         GURGAON 100
  52. Rao Dalip Singh College of Education, Vill.
    Mumtajpur, PO- Bas Padamka, Tehsil-Pataudi,
    Distt. Gurgaon                                                                                 GURGAON 100
  53. Maa Saraswati Teachers Training Inst. Vill.
    Makdola Distt. Gurgaon                                                                GURGAON 100
  54. Sree Shiv Chaitanya College of Education, Main
    Road, Bhora Kalan, Distt. Gurgaon                                                     GURGAON 100
  55. B.L. College of Education, Wazirpur, Distt.
    Gurgaon, Haryana                                                                            GURGAON 100
  56. Jindal College of Education for Girls, Sohna,Distt.
    Gurgaon FOR GIRLS                                                                           GURGAON 100
  57. Drona College of Education, Ravi Nagar, Basai
    Road, , Distt. Gurgaon                                                                             GURGAON 100
  58. Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Education, VPOJamalpur,
    Tehsil- Farukhnagr, Distt. Gurgaon,Haryana                                          GURGAON 100
  59. Rao Udmi Ram Memorial College of Education,
    Vill. Jamalpur, Tehsil-Farukh Nagar, Distt.Gurgaon                                 GURGAON 100
  60. Jhankar College of Education, Main Gurgaon
    Pataudi Road, Babra Bakipur, PO- Jamalpur,
    Tehsil-Farukhnagar, Distt. Gurgaon                                                        GURGAON 100
  61. Laxmi College of Education, Rathiwas (Jat) POSidhrawali
    Distt. Gurgaon                                                                                      GURGAON 100
  62. Vivekan and College of Education, Village,
    Jolakha, Sohna, Distt. Gurgaon                                                         GURGAON 100
  63. Rastriy a Vidya Education College, Basai Road,
    Krishan Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon                                                        GURGAON 100
  64. Oxford College of Education, Village- Khuranpur,
    Farukh Nagar, Gurgaon, Haryana                                                  GURGAON 100
  65. Vidya B havan College of Education, Khurrampur,
    Farukhnagar, Gurgaon, Haryana                                                      GURGAON
  66. Royal Institute of Science and Management,
    Wazirpur, Distt. Gurgaon                                                              GURGAON 100
  67. Rao R am Singh College of Education, VPOBhora
    Kalan, Tehsil-Farukh Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon                                     GURGAON 100
  68. D.V.M. College of Education, Vill- Baluda, Post-
    Sohna,Distt. Gurgaon, Haryana                                                         GURGAON 100
  69. Shri R am College of Education , VPO- Bhora
    Kalan, Tehsil- Farukh Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon                                             GURGAON
  70. *Vishwa s College of Education, Village-Pataudi,
    Distt. Gurgaon                                                                                    GURGAON 100
  71. Major B ihari Lal Memorial College of Education,
    Bilaspur Chowk, Bilaspur, Distt. Gurgaon                                              GURGAON 100
  72. S.D. C ollege of Education, VPO- Janaula,
    Pataudi, Tehsil- Farukh Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon                                          GURGAON 100
  73.  R.K. C ollege of Education, Bhora Kalan,                                               Gurgaon
  74. Basant Lal Memorial College of Education, VPOGarhi
    Harsaru, Distt. Gurgaon                                                                         GURGAON 100
  75. Rao M ohar Singh College of Education, Vill-
    Jatauli, Tehsil- Pataudi, Distt. Gurgaon                                                   GURGAON 100
  76. Vaish Arya Shikshan Mahila Mahavidyalya,
    Bahadurgarh (Jhajjar)                                                                        JHAJJAR 100
  77. Sanskr iti Institute of Education and Technology,
    Village, Amarpur Jorasi, Tehsil Narnaul, Distt. Mahendergarh.                                                                                 M. GARH 200
  78. Sharva n Inst. Of Rehabilitation for Mentally
    Retarded Persons, Gandhi Nagar, Rohtak                                                   ROHTAK
  79. Vikram aditya College of Education, Morkheri(Rohtak)                                                                             ROHTAK 200
  80. Shri Balaji College of Education, Sampla
    (Rohtak)                                                                                                    ROHTAK 200
  81. Lord Sh iva College of Education, VPO Lahli Dist.
    Rohtak                                                                                                ROHTAK 200
  82. Kissan College of Education, Meham Bharan ROHTAK 200                              ROHTAK
    Madina Road, Meham, Dist. Rohtak
    Sarasw ati Vidya Mandir College of Education,
    Hissar By Pass, Meham (Rohtak)                                                              ROHTAK 200
  83. K.V.M. College of Education, Ladhot Road,
    Rohtak.                                                                                                  ROHTAK 200
  84. D.A.V. College of Education, Hassangarh
    (Rohtak)                                                                                            ROHTAK 200
  85. MR DA V College of Education, MR DAV Campus,
    5th KM Stone, Sonepat Road, Rohtak.                                             ROHTAK 100
  86. Sat Pr iya College of Education, 0.5 KM Mils
    Stone, Jind Road, Rohtak                                                                        ROHTAK 100
    Yash C ollege of Education, VPO- Rurkee, Distt.
    Rohtak                                                                                               ROHTAK 200
  87. St. Pa ul College of Education, Behind New Bust
    Stand, Rohtak                                                                                ROHTAK 200
  88. R.K. College of Education, 21 KM Stone,
    Sonepat Road, Humayunpur, Distt. Rohtak                                             ROHTAK 100
  89. R.D. C ollege of Education, VPO-Atail, Atail
    Sampla Road, Tehsil-Sampla, Distt. Rohtak                                          ROHTAK 100
  90. V.B. Co llege of Education, Jind Bye Pass, Rohtak                                     ROHTAK 200
  91. Green Valley College of Education, VPO-Titoli,
    Distt. Rohtak                                                                                            ROHTAK 100
  92. Rashtri ya College of Education,Opp. Sir Chhotu
    Ram Sports Stadium, Sonepat Road, Rohtak                                             ROHTAK 100
  93. Sanskr iti College of Education, 6 Milestone,
    Gohana Road, Rohtak                                                                                ROHTAK 100
  94. Naraya na College of Education, VPO- Kutana,
    Shastri Nagar, Rohtak                                                                               ROHTAK 100
  95. Arya Co llege of Education, VPO- Pharmana, Distt.
    Rohtak                                                                                                          ROHTAK
  96. Swami Daya Muni Vidyapeeth College of
    Education, Kalanaur, Distt. Rohtak                                                  ROHTAK 100
  97. J.R. K issan College of Education, Old Sunder
    Pura Road, Jind Bye Pass, Rohtak                                                           ROHTAK 100
  98. Capt. H ardev Singh College of Education, VPOMadina,
    Distt. Rohtak                                                                                     ROHTAK 100
  99. S.S. C ollege of Education, Vill. Kutana, Shiv
    Nagar, Rohtak                                                                               ROHTAK 100
    Sarasw ati College of Education, Shora Kothi, Gau
    Karan Road, Rohtak                                                                          ROHTAK 100
  100. Saini Institute of Girls Education, Saini High
    School Road, Chunipura, Rohtak                                                           ROHTAK 100
  101. Shri B aba Mast Nath Institute of Educational
    Training & Research, Asthal Bohar, Distt. Rohtak                                 ROHTAK 100
  102. Sunil G ugnani Memorial College of Education, 5-
    Mal Godam Road, Rohtak                                                                  ROHTAK 100
    (Girls )
  103. Raj C ollege of Education, VPO- Brahmanwas,
    Distt. Rohtak                                                                                             ROHTAK 100
  104. Indus C ollege of Education, Indus Public School
    Campus, Asthal Bohar (Rohtak)                                                               ROHTAK 100
  105. Aaryan College of Education, VPO- Lakhan Majra,
    Distt. Rohtak                                                                                          ROHTAK 100
  106. Inder P rastha Education College, Jind Bye Pass,
    Near Power House, Rohtak                                                                  ROHTAK 100
  107. Sheetla College of Education, VPO-Lakhan Majra,
    Distt. Rohtak                                                                                          ROHTAK 100
  108. Vikram aditya Group of Educational Institutes,
    VPO- Morkheri, Tehsil- Sampla, Distt. Rohtak                                             ROHTAK 100
  109. S.R. Co llege of Education, IMT, Kheri Sadh, Distt.
    Rohtak                                                                                                ROHTAK 100
  110. Rama Krishna College of Education, VPOChandi,
    Tehsil- Meham, Distt. Rohtak                                                              ROHTAK 100
  111. Sat J inda Kalyana College of Education,
    Kalanaur, Distt. Rohtak                                                                              ROHTAK 100
  112. S.S.M. College of Education, VPO- Makrauli
    Khurd, Distt. Rohtak                                                                                 ROHTAK 100
  113. B.P.S. College of Education, VPO Bhaini
    Maharajpur, Distt. Rohtak                                                                  ROHTAK 100
  114. ARPAN Institute for Mentally Handicapped
    Children, Gandhi Nagar, Rohtak                                                        ROHTAK 30 B.Ed
  115. Om Co llege of Education, Vill. Khandrai, Teh
    Gohana, Dist. Sonepat.                                                                     SONEPAT 200
  116. G.V.M. College of Education for Women, Sonepat                              SONEPAT 200
  117. Darsh College of Education, Vill. Kailana Taluka
    Mahmoodur The. Gohana Distt. Sonepat                                          SONEPAT 200
  118. S.S. C ollege of Education, Vill. Mahmoodur
    Tehsil- Gohana Distt. Sonepat                                                            SONEPAT 200
  119. Bhagwa n Prashu Ram College of Education, Bali
    Brahmnan (Gohana) Distt. Sonepat                                                    SONEPAT 100
  120. Mukhi College of Education,Vishnu Nagar, Ward
    No.12, Gohana Distt. Sonepat.                                                       SONEPAT 200
  121. South Point College of Education, Purkhas
    Road,Near Sugar Mill, Sonepat.                                                           SONEPAT 200
  122. The Krishna Education Research and
    Technological Institute, Vill-Bhanderi, PO-Madina,
    Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat                                                          SONEPAT 100
  123. Ch. Ka tar Singh College of Education, Gudha
    Road, Gohana,Distt. Sonepat                                                               SONEPAT 100
  124. Shamb hu Dayal College of Education, Gohana
    Road, Sonepat                                                                                    SONEPAT 100
  125. Navyug College for Education, Old Rohtak Road,,
    Prabhu Nagar, Sonepat                                                                       SONEPAT 100
  126. D.C. Ja in College of Education, Mehlana Road,
    Sonepat                                                                                        SONEPAT 100
  127. Kirorim al College of Education, Bagpat Road,
    Khewra, Distt. Sonepat (Jain Minority Institute)                                SONEPAT 200
  128. D.C.S College of Education, Mehmoodpur Road,
    Gohana, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana                                                            SONEPAT 200
  129.  Shiv Ka ran College of Education, VPO- Matindu,
    Distt. Sonepat                                                                                         SONEPAT 100
  130. Modern College of Education, Vishnu Nagar,
    Gohana, Sonepat                                                                           SONEPAT 200
  131. Venkte shwara College of Education, VPORajpur,
    Distt. Sonepat                                                                                    SONEPAT
  132. Shiksha Bharti College of Education, VPOMohana,
    Distt. Sonepat, Haryana                                                                         SONEPAT 100
    D.B.M. College of Education, VPO-Madina,
    Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat                                                                SONEPAT 100
  133. Geeta College of Education, VPO-Butana Kundu,
    Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat                                                       SONEPAT
  134. N.S. C ollege of Education, VPO- Lohrara, Distt.
    Sonepat                                                                                                  SONEPAT 100
  135. Ram J as College of Education, Govind Nagar,
    Sonepat, Haryana                                                                                 SONEPAT 100
  136. Paradis e College of Education, Thana Kalan
    Road, Kharkhoda, Distt.Sonepat                                                            SONEPAT 100
  137. Bharat Vidya Peeth College of Education, VPOKasandi,
    Tehsil-Gohana Distt. Sonepat                                                                SONEPAT 100
  138. Mange Ram Womens College of Education,
    Purkhas, Jawahri Road, Near Railway Crossing,
    Sugar Mill, Sonepat                                                                                SONEPAT 100
  139. Harsh College of Education, Purkhas, Sonepat,
    Haryana                                                                                                   SONEPAT 100
  140. Shri G anesh College of Education, Vill- Bali
    Brahmanan, Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat,
    Haryana                                                                                                 SONEPAT 100
  141. M.R.M College of Education, VPO- Gudha, Tehsil-
    Gohana, Distt. Sonepat                                                                         SONEPAT 100
  142. Kirti C ollege of Education, VPO- Anayat, Tehsil-
    Gohana, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana                                                  SONEPAT 100
  143. Aryawa rt College of Education, Vill- Khanda, Distt.
    Sonepat                                                                                                   SONEPAT
  144. Jawah ar Lal Nehru College of Education, Near
    Gudha Road, Behind Kath Mandi, Gohana, Distt.
    Sonepat                                                                                                SONEPAT 100
  145. Panchs heel Institute of Education, Research &
    Education, VPO- Jatwara, Distt. Sonepat                                                     SONEPAT
  146. Sun Ri se College of Educatio, Sector-59, VPONangal
    Kalan, Distt. Sonepat                                                                           SONEPAT 100
  147. Shree R am Memorial College of Education, VPOBidhlan,
    Tehsil- Kharkhoda, Distt. Sonepat                                                        SONEPAT 100
  148. Bhagwa n Mahavir College of Education, Village
    Jagdishpur, Distt. Sonepat(Jain Minority Institute)                              SONEPAT 300
    K.C. C ollege of Education, Plot No. 74/3, 60/24
    and 125/10, Devi Lal Chowk, Ganaur, Distt.
    Sonepat, Haryana                                                                                  SONEPAT 100
  149. Janta C ollege of Education, 18th Mile stone, G.T.
    Karnal, Near Singhu Border, VPO- Nathupur, Dist.
    Sonepat                                                                                              SONEPAT 100